2019 Customer Feedback

David, I wanted to let you know that your mattress protector has been a huge success. In just one week I am dust mite free and can sleep again. The sever dermatitis I had is gone in one week. Prior to this my doctors couldn't even help me with antibiotics and prescribed creams. I even had a biopsy to find out what it was. Well done to you and thanyou so much for providing a solution to an ongoing skin condition. Not anymore now. Your customer service is exceptional and I highly recommend you to anyone. You may use this as a testimony if you choose. 

Dawn, Ashgrove, QLD

Just a quick email to thank you. Your products arrived within 24hours of being ordered. Thank you  for your extremely efficient service, we are very impressed. Also your lovely and friendly note you sent us is an indication of the importance you put on personal and efficent service. many thanks. 

Vikki, Bronte, NSW

Hi Tara, Ive been meaning to get back to you all week but life has got in the way. Im Caroline, Bens partner and i just wanted to thank you so much for putting your life and limb (or at least your dignity) on the line to get us our order so quickly. Ben was recently diagnosed with virulent allergy to dust mites, so we are completely revamping everything. Your products arrived in wonderful time and to be honest have completely exceeded my expectation based on the price we paid. Thanks again for being so lovely and thanks to your company for making such a great set of products for us. All the best take care. 

Caroline, Elwood, VIC

Do you happen to have any flyers? We purchased some products last week for my daughter and I am very keen to hand some of your information to our specialist. They suggested using another business which we tried and were not impressed. Your products, knowledge and service have been second to none so I am going to tell people about it and pass your information along. 

Michelle, Eastwood, NSW

Hi Admin, Just wanted to say a huge thanks to you. You have left me perplexed as to how you could deliver my order so quickly? I ordered this when I woke up at 6:30am and the order was on my door before I left for work today. I literally couldn't have ordered Pizza that quick around here! Your mattress cover also fits perfectly. Thanks for the amazing service. Please tell me what wizardry you used to make that appear at my front door so quick. Regards Denis.   

Denis, Kellyville, NSW

Hi Tara, just letting you know all our pillow covers and quilt covers arrived yesterday as planned and they were not lost at all, my wife signed for them when I was out. Appreciate all your assistance to track these down for us so quickly. I also wanted to report back and let you know that we saw a marked improvement in both of the kids breathing and neither of them are rubbing their eyes this morning. We will be back next week as we are going to do all the beds in our house next week now. Thank you.   

Preet, Golden Bay, WA